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FCN Maadla: Mein herz schlägt für FC Nürnberg
Ich bin a Clubberer und ich werd's imma blei'm,
o'gmolt hobb i schwaz un' rod mei fenstascheim,
mei' Nachbarn sog'n iich kerrad in a Derrabie
und an jed's Münchner Audo brunz ma a weng hi!

LOVES: Germany, anything German, football (not the american kind, rather "soccer", aka footie), FC Nürnberg, VfB Stuttgart, the German National team, been a massive Jens Lehmann fan since he first started at Schalke, Alexander Stephan (FCN Torwart), König Ludwig II, BMWs (3-series and M series), horror movies, cats, animals, the Autobahn, purple, Neuschwanstein, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries.

DISLIKES: stupid drivers, smoking, egotistical people, animal cruelty

German/Swedish girl. Born in Toronto, Canada, but my mum is from Erlangen, in Germany (Nürnberg area), therefore I proudly posess German citizenship, and my heart belongs to Germany, so that's my "Mutterland".